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Samsung’s M7 smart monitor, with 4k and 32 inches, arrives in Spain

MADRID, Jan 18 (Portaltic / EP) - Samsung has announced the availability of its Smart Monitor range in the Spanish market,...

Microsoft will allow sharing files of up to 250GB through SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive

MADRID, Jan 15 (Portaltic / EP) - Microsoft has announced changes in Microsoft 365 that seek to adapt its services to...

Qualcomm’s new 3D Sonic sensor captures 1.7 times more biometric data than its predecessor

MADRID, 12 Jan (Portaltic / EP) - Qualcomm has presented the second generation of its 3D Sonic fingerprint sensor, larger and faster than its predecessor, and with...

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CoinxPad Presale to Kick off on September 25th

CoinxPad is proud to announce the launch of its platform’s presale set to kick off on September 25. The platform boasts the first CEX/DEX multi-chain initial DEX...

Ralcon LLC Does Construction by Building Relationships

“Building relationships within a business makes the foundation of that business. It is always important for us to continue to form strong relationships with our clients so...

Farm EGW Token, Earn Superior Returns

EGW Capital is the reputed name in the space of Blockchain investment banking and the wealth management space. The company has raised over $600 million for a...

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