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Microsoft will allow sharing files of up to 250GB through SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive

MADRID, Jan 15 (Portaltic / EP) –

Microsoft has announced changes in Microsoft 365 that seek to adapt its services to the new needs arising from teleworking, and for this reason it will extend the limit of the size of the files that can be shared up to 250GB.

Currently, Microsoft 365 allows sharing files of up to 100GB through services such as SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive, insufficient for the new needs that some users have encountered when they have to share 3D models or 8K videos.

Therefore, it has announced that at the end of January it will implement support for 250GB, and its general implementation will take place throughout the first quarter of 2021, as reported in its official blog.

This expansion is possible because the company has optimized storage for upload performance by dividing each file into parts, each encrypted with a unique key. In addition, a backup copy of each file will be saved in Azure.

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