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GEES is working on ‘threat level’ for coronavirus

The group of experts in charge of the exit strategy (GEES) is considering a system of levels, such as terror, to manage the further course of the epidemic. Lieven Boeve, director general of Catholic Education Flanders, wants clarity as soon as possible

Each level has a specific scenario, which also applies to education. Threat levels could apply both locally and nationally depending on where contamination occurs.

It is not yet known how many levels there will be. “We suspect four or five,” says Boeve. “From a full opening to a new lockdown.” He assumes that it may be necessary to switch smoothly between levels.

Boeve wants clarity about the scenarios before the holiday. “Headmasters need to know in which world they will start school on September 1 in mid-July.”

Marc Van Ranst says that working out the threat levels is a ‘work in progress’, but that there is no further communication.

In Britain, such a system has existed since mid-May, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a first relaxation of the corona measures.

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