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Apple first worth $ 1500 billion

In recent weeks, the superpower from Cupertino, founded by Steve Jobs, was already heading for an all-time high. Apple was the first company to cross the $ 1,000 billion market value mark in August 2018.

Analysts are currently very pleased with Apple’s future value, thanks to its new smartphones in the market of faster 5G networks and expansion in the Asian market.

Since January, including the corona crash, Apple’s share has grown by 14%. In a year’s time, the share, which was once flashed, rose in value by 75%. September last year, Apple reported annual revenues of over $ 240 billion. Analysts expect sales to remain roughly the same this year to continue towards $ 300 billion by 2021.

To $ 2000 billion

Evercore ISI analyst Amit Daryanani expects Apple to rise to a stock market value of $ 2000 billion within four years.

Apple reported good news for consumers: it will reopen its Dutch and Japanese Apple Stores on Wednesday, June 10.

Apple’s value was previously depressed by new complaints about restriction of competition and the news that its new iPhones would be delayed. An increasing share of market value is determined by its services, analysts say, while the impact of ever-strong iPhone sales is diminishing. In China, retailers cut the price for iPhones.

Apple is also preparing for live streams of concerts behind the scenes. His App Store sales continue to rise and the backlog on Netflix is ​​caught. Currently, according to Bloomberg, it would consider buying search engine DuckDuckGo, the small alternative to Google promoted as ad-free by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.


The tech giant announced later this month during its developer conference WWDC, according to Bloomberg, that it will use its own chips in its Mac computers and Macbook laptops. Next year, the first computers with Apple chips should come on the market. Apple has been designing the chips that the company uses in the iPhone and iPad for years. For the computer branch, the company relied on chips from Intel. That will change next year.

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