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Farm EGW Token, Earn Superior Returns

EGW Capital is the reputed name in the space of Blockchain investment banking and the wealth management space. The company has raised over $600 million for a variety of its clients, and these days, the company is gaining traction by managing the wealth of the high net worth investors who are looking to invest in the crypto space.

The company has invested over US $12 million in Zilliqa and DigiByte Blockchain and has delivered superior returns within a short stint of three months; both the investments have nearly doubled. 

EGW Capital is also proposing the launching of publicly-traded investment vehicles on the US stock exchanges, which allow the investors to invest in the crypto space with ease. There is a possibility that the company will launch liquidity pools whose shares will trade on the markets. The product is still being finalized and has plans to raise the US $50-100 million.

EGW Capital also helps the companies go public on the crypto exchanges and the traditional stock exchanges; thus, it pockets ample equity in these companies. The company earns revenue in the form of equity and cash compensation instead of its listing services.

EGW Capital is proposing the US $100 million IEO, a mix of public and private IEO. Before its IEO, EGW Capital has decided to build a liquidity pool on LuaSwap, which will help the retail investors trade and develop the trading market. This will allow the company to derive a fair value of its tokens before the IEO and enable thousands of investors to benefit from its public offering by farming EGW tokens. 

So, early investors may witness a massive upside. The company’s whole idea is to grow EGW tokens by allowing people to earn passive income by providing liquidity.

How can you benefit? 

Farming EGW tokens is convenient and provides excellent returns.

Any investor can buy EGWLP tokens and start farming EGW tokens. The returns in the form of EGW tokens will be credited weekly and instantly cashed by selling them back into the liquidity pool.

The EGWLP tokens held by the investors at the end of the tenure (possibly 9-12 months) will be converted into EGW tokens, which can then be sold back into the pool or sold in the public IEO. 

The minimum investment will be US $150 (we have to wait for the whitepaper to confirm), which may provide an APY of 36%. The investors investing over US $500 will pocket nearly 60% APY.

The principal value will be protected, whereas the returns may go up or down depending on the liquidity pool movement. 

EGW will manage the liquidity pool. Hence it does not require any technical qualification for EGWLP token holders. One can simply buy, hold and farm EGW tokens within the comfort of its home.

The process in summary:

Step 1            An investor buys EGWLP tokens through ICO. Please remember EGWLP tokens will not be publicly traded.
Step 2 Your investment in EGWLP tokens will go into the EGW tokens liquidity pool built on Tomochain based LuaSwap.
Step 3     You will start receiving your weekly rewards in the form of EGW tokens to sell back the pool.
Step 4 At the end of the program, your LP tokens will be converted into EGW tokens which you can sell in the IEO or back in the pool.


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