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Rahul Kumar EGW Capital: Wiki, Networth, Height, Weight, Biography, Wife

Who is Rahul Kumar?

Rahul Kumar is the CEO of EGW Capital (EGW) a blockchain investment bank. He operates out of both India and the USA.

What does EGW Capital do?

EGW Capital lists companies on both crypto exchanges and stock exchanges. The company also performs market-making and crypto mining. EGW Capital is one of the largest blockchain investment bank. The EGW coins are currently listed on the BitLux OTC exchange.

What is the value of EGW Capital?

In terms of market capitalization, EGW Capital is worth US $1.1 billion as of November 16, 2020.)

What is the networth of Rahul Kumar of EGW Capital?

Rahul Kumar is worth the US $412 million or Rs. 3,090 crore as of November 16, 2020. Most of his networth comes from his holdings in EGW Capital. He also holds stocks and crypto coins of many client companies which may be worth the US $56 million or Rs 415 crore, but this number is not verified yet.

Who is the wife of Rahul Kumar of EGW Capital?

Rahul Kumar is divorced and assumed to be single.

Rahul Kumar EGW Capital Affairs?

Rahul Kumar is single and no confirmed affair details are available.

Rahul Kumar, EGW Capital details?

Age: 39 years

Weight: 79 kilograms or 174.16 pounds

Height: 6 feet and 1 inch

Educational Qualification: B.COM from Delhi University and CFA.

Biography: Rahul Kumar started his career as a bond trader. He also participated in several hacking programs in the early years of his life and he is believed to be a master of Java and C programming language.

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