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Carola Morena to Boost Music and Talent Search ahead of Token Presale

Carola Morena, a Madrid-based company dedicated to boosting music and finding new talents, is seeking to improve the music industry as its token presale...

LocoMeta Introduces a Metaverse Game Centered around NFTs

LocoMeta is excited to announce its blockchain-based business Metaverse game centered around NFTs, staking, and farming. This feature-rich mint-to-earn game allows users to earn...

Everything You Need to Know About Solidproof’s Audit Processes

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are among the most promising technologies already reshaping the financial sectors. Countless new projects using them appear every day. However, not...

NowMeta is Looking to Carve Out its Own Path in the Metaverse

NowMeta is excited to unveil its latest features as it advances towards its quest to revolutionize the metaverse. The NowMeta gaming studios will develop...

Arkverse Metaverse Ecosystem for Animal Lovers Prepares for Launch

Arkverse, a blockchain-based metaverse ecosystem, is excited to announce that it will release its meta-bus game. The project was founded in 2022 with a...

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