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During the testimonials, many anecdotes about his drinking and his violent behavior were cited. The difficult relationship between Emmanuël Van den Steen (70) and his daughter was also discussed. Several ex-girlfriends stated that the accused felt superior.


“He used to say that Emmanuel meant ‘God with us’, but he really meant that. He constantly praised himself,” explained Carine T. She also sometimes called him ‘De Hulk’, because he could suddenly go nuts. “At such moments, you fear the worst. I am absolutely not surprised that the victim has just ended.”

Carine T. was also stalked for a long time after the break-up. “All my answering machine was full of swear words. Or he smashed the window of my car, so that all the glass flew inside on me and my son.” Even when Marie H. wanted to put an end to the relationship, Van den Steen went crazy. “Then he wanted to strangle me. In the seat he grabbed my throat. I thought I was done.” The same witness also told how the accused threatened to cut everything short during a dinner party. “And when he was not content with his steak, he threw the pan on the parquet and hit me.”

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